Shiatsu – Muscle Massage – Craniosacral – Stretching

Massage therapy has many interpretations, but most will agree that
the goal and outcomes for bodywork include:

Pain relief for tight muscles
♦ Reduction of stress
♦ Greater sense of well-being
♦ Increased energy and vitality
♦ Experience of comfort through touch

I have been working as a bodywork therapist for over 16 years. My training includes anatomy, physiology, food and healing, oriental medical theory, yoga and meditation and mindfulness. My training also includes massage techniques including therapeutic muscle massage techniques, touch for health, shiatsu/shin tai, craniosacral therapy, prenatal and post natal massage, energetic healing such as reiki and oneness blessing (I am a oneness blessing giver and a reiki master.)

After graduating from West Virginia University, I worked for over 10 years in Customer Relations and Sales positions for companies such as XEROX, TV Guide, and JI Holcomb. I was fortunate enough to find my passion–healing through the contemplative tradition of shiatsu and bodywork. Through my years of focused training in this healing art I maintain a meditation practice that blends eastern Vipassana and yoga with western contemplative prayer practice. My professionalism was also influenced growing up as the daughter of a CEO where I was fortunate enough to experience the power of intelligence, focus and drive as I would watch him align and influence the organization he represented to achieve organizational objectives. My diverse background and training allows me to understand my clients deeply and challenge them to start from where they “Are” not where they “Think” they should be. My inspiration comes through bringing my formation as a professional through this rich background to everyone I touch through this healing practice.

I have continued my education by taking various courses at Kripalu for yoga and health, Vipassana Mediation Center, International School of Shiatsu, and various accredited continuing education seminars throughout PA, NJ, DE.

With my in-depth training, our conversation about your body and health needs enables me to customize the type of bodywork that is best for you during your visit. I look forward to joining you where you are at, and helping you take the next steps on your journey with a bit more compassion towards your body, mind and spirit and challenging you to radiate that to everyone you encounter.


Diane_SagulaMy clients include everyone from children, teens, mothers, fathers, grandparents, to corporate executives, corporate employees, attorneys, and athletes. Everyone needs a “STRESSBUSTER”

Diane Sagula


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